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Cleaning Cornwall - Crystal Clear
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our truckmounted deep extraction carpet cleaning equipment provides outstanding cleaning and drying performance. We use industry leading non-toxic chemicals which are neutralised in the cleaning process to ensure no residual detergent is left within the pile. This reduces re-soiling and for residential customers ensures that the carpet is immediately safe for children and pets.

The truckmounts are petrol driven and the vehicles carry 65 gallons of fresh water onboard. Consequently we do not need to use your water or electricity and all dirty water is taken away in a waste tank.

We are members of the National Association Of Carpet Cleaners, a professional body that ensures all of its members adhere to a strict code of conduct and have appropriate insurance in place.

Professional carpet cleaning will reduce re-soiling and help to extend the lifetime of your carpet, you can be assured of the highest standards and attention to detail with Crystal Clear Cleaning.

Window Cleaning

We operate a number of different cycles for window cleaning from weekly cleans for shops and commercial premises to 4 weekly, 8 weekly, and 12 weekly cycles for premises such as nursing homes that only require an occasional clean.

We use only the best quality Unger products and scrim to leave your glazing sparkling and smear free, our window cleaners will also wipe down your sills free of charge. We are insured up to 4 storeys for ladder access and where appropriate a pole based system may be used.

Gutter Cleaning

Our gutter cleaning service in Cornwall covers all areas throughout the county to ensure that your gutters are running free and downpipes are not blocked. When gutters become blocked, water cannot run away as designed and can create a multitude of different problems, such as rotting fascia boards and this can then create damp problems in your property. In extreme circumstances such as stormy weather with heavy rain, flooding of a property can result, as we have experienced on more than one occasion. Our trained technicians will clean out your gutters ensuring all debris is removed from guttering and downpipes. We then rinse the gutters through with a fungicidal wash to kill any spores and wash away seeds and any stubborn remaining debris. Sometimes it’s necessary to take downpipes apart to pull out debris, if for instance gutters have been neglected or for some reason something has completely blocked the downpipe. To avoid these kind of problems and to ensure your gutters are working as they should, we recommend annual gutter cleaning, usually in late autumn after leaf droppage.

PVC Cleaning: another part of our gutter cleaning service is the exterior cleaning down of gutters, fascias, soffets, downpipes and/or cladding to remove algae, moss and traffic film. Our trained technicians will use effective products to give your property a fresh clean look. The regular and effective removal of algae is also effective for caravan cleaning and Industry Unit clad cleaning in Cornwall. Keeping your building both clean and hygienic and vastly improving the look of your premises. Our products also help to prevent future build up of soils on your gutters, fascias, soffets, downpipes and cladding.

End Of Tenancy Cleans

Unfortunately tenanted property is not always left in the condition that landlords would expect. We work closely with a number of local letting agents and housing associations to provide a restorative clean quickly and efficiently so that the property can be placed back onto the market as soon as possible.

Builders Cleans

For new build sites we employ a three stage cleaning method. The first process is to ensure that the abrasive dust and debris is removed carefully from any delicate surfaces, a second pass is made to remove any dust and finally the premises are sparkle cleaned and polished ready for inspection and handing over to the client.

Office Cleaning

We offer regular office contract cleaning services and general cleaning services including pressure washing to a wide variety of commercial premises. Past and current clients have been as varied as The Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Supported Housing Units, DEFRA, St Austell Breweries, The NHS, MTB Environmental and numerous local small businesses. We are fully insured and Safecontractor approved, trade references and copies of relevant health & safety documentation are available on request.

Commercial Cleaning The Environment

M & A Environmental offer eco-friendly products and services, we supply and use their own range of non toxic, non phosphate, natural UK made cleaning fluids, 100% UK waste paper tissue products, bio compostable packaging, eco-friendly cleaning systems amongst many other ethical sourced products.

Each one of M & A Environmentals’ green partner manufacturers has provided environmental policy information and proven the ethical source and process of manufacture. We take the responsibility from you, so you know when you choose M & A Environmental products the background work has already been done.

Our colour coded microfibre cloths and flat mops are all machine washable and designed to last in excess of 1000 washes.

Hard Floor Cleaning

We are able to clean a wide variety of hard floor surfaces including many types of epoxy resin, altro, tiled safety floors and flotex short pile commercial floor coverings. We are able to offer high pressure high temperature cleaning where suitable with a truckmount and gheko or Rotowash cleaning with a single pass scrubber drier. Slate and stone floors can also be professionally cleaned and oiled/re-sealed with a variety of impregnators dependant on the finish required.

Health & Safety

Crystal Clear’s Health & Safety Policy & Procedures are subject to external verification annually in accordance with the National Britannia SAFEcontractor scheme. The company’s policy is designed to cover it’s own employees, those of the client and members of the public. Crystal Clear always aim to achieve standards higher than those demanded by legislation.

Crystal Clear, as the employer, recognises and actively seeks to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of its employees so far as is reasonably practicable. In conjunction with the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 this includes:-
* providing and maintaining equipment and systems of work that are safe to use and do not risk the health of its employees.
* making sure there are no risks from using, handling, storing and transporting articles and substances.
* providing information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the health and safety at work of employees. All employees who authorise work, or any function to be carried out at any time, must conform to the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.
* keeping places of work under the company’s control in a healthy and safe condition, as well as providing and maintaining safe means of access for all.
* providing and maintaining safe work environments for employees that are without risks to health and making it a requirement of all employees to conform to Company Policy and to accept and carry out their responsibilities. All employees with specific responsibilities must ensure that they are adequately delegated in their absence.
* providing adequate facilities and arrangements for employee welfare at work.
* the Company Director has responsibility for Health and Safety and will give complete backing to this policy and will support all those employees who endeavour to carry it out.
* our statement complies with the main regulations i.e., Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) and the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2006.

Where a significant risk exists, the services of outside experts and consultants are called upon to provide detailed technical advice to ensure that safe working practices are adopted in all operations.

Specialist Oven Cleaning

We have a team of highly skilled, trained professional cleaners who are supplied with the most innovative and effective equipment, tools and chemicals to ensure our cleaning services achieve the very best standards when dealing with specialist oven cleaning in Cornwall.

Is your oven creating smoke every time you use it? Is it becoming impossible to see through the oven door? Then don’t waste hours tackling the worst job in the house; exposing yourself to harsh chemicals and then having to clean up the mess. Our cleaners will initially inspect your oven to assess the best way to approach the oven clean and ensure all surrounding kitchen surfaces and floor areas are covered and protected. They will then fully immerse all removable parts such as panels, griddles and racks in a hot chemical bath, which is heated to just under 90 degrees. This process ensures a deep clean. Where possible, the oven door will be completely removed which in most cases allows the operator to split the door in half to enable them to clean both the door surrounds and internal glass. Using non tainting, commercial strength chemicals they will scrub all surfaces and remove baked on grease. Finally, your oven will be re-assembled, polished and system checked in order to ensure it is fully operational.

We also clean other kitchen appliances in Cornwall such as microwaves, canopies, extractor fans, barbeques and more. For a thorough kitchen cleaning experience call Crystal Clear.

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